The mission of Crime Stoppers of Northeast Florida is to solve and prevent crime through citizen participation. 


Crime Stoppers of Northeast Florida, Inc. is a unique community program, operated and administrated by citizens through a Board of Directors. It is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) volunteer civilian organization, supported solely on contributions from private citizens, social and civic groups, and local businesses. Crime Stoppers of Northeast Florida works directly with the Volusia County Sheriff's Office, in partnership with the Saint John's County Sheriff's Office, Flagler County Sheriff's Office and Putnam County Sheriff's Office, as well as all of the local law enforcement agencies within the four counties.

There are three major components of the Crime Stoppers program: 

Concerned local citizens comprise the organization's Board of Directors. The Board develops policies, coordinates with police agencies and news media, manages fund-raising activities, and decides the amount and method of reward payments.
Caller tips are distributed to the appropriate law enforcement agencies for investigation. Upon completion of an investigation, law enforcement reports their findings back to Crime Stoppers so reward eligibility can be determined.
The media's principal role is to serve as a link between law enforcement and the public. Crimes for which law enforcement agencies need citizen input are publicized in newspapers, radio, and television announcements.

Crime Stoppers